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A nice Traviandope alternative. Strategic Map

This map is a java based map that incorporates travel times and distance. Options include 900x650 and 800x600 map resolutions and the ability to save created maps.
Travilog Flash Map

The top 200 alliance names on server are listed on the right of the input page making map setup a breeze.
travianbt Map


Travian 3D Map Tool

Travian3DTool is a very cool application that will render the travian world in 3D. This tool has lots of great features like reports, statistics and distance calculators for each tribe. The Software is still in BETA and can be a little buggy but for the most part has worked very well for me. DOWNLOAD NOW

Travian 3d Map Tool

Travian Earth

Travian Earth is a small java script application made for travian.
Project Home Page
| Youtube Demo

Travian Earth

B4nd|t's Travian Map

B4nd|t's Travian Map is a another legal map viewer that uses he map.sql file provided by travian. This map however has an intigrated crop viewer for the pre-made cop maps that can be downloaded from the publishers website.

Travilog Flash Map

Download pre-made crop maps


This map is quick and easy. Looks are deceiving, it does a lot more than one might expect from a first glance. You can even check to see when the map was last updated with the server's latest map.sql file.Travilog Flash Map

If the server data seems out of date, please first check the server's map.sql file
Maps are updated at 1:30AM


Travian Large Map

Travian Large Map from is a 15x15 map that updates daily. You can easily find idle players to raid, Croppers and Oasis. Travian Big Map

NOTICE: The website is currently down. New server have not been updated.