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Battle Planners

NorsamNorsam - This tool can be used for both planning offense and organizing defense. Find villages near a position (X|Y) on the Travian map and view travel time and distances to the target. A flash tutorial is available to help you to understand functionalities. Battle Planner - This tool will find allys close to your target. You can choose a field range and the number of villages as a filter, just select your server and punch in the required info and you have all allys within range

Travian Planner - - Attack and distance calculator designed to help players coordinate offensives.

Farming Tools

Travian Tractor -
Farm managment tool that keeps track of your farms, calculates raiding statistics and helps you find new farms.

Farm Search
Detailed Farm Finder that includes option for downloading results into Excel.

Farm Finder -
Nice farm finder with clean and simple interface.
Use this tool to find active and inactive players in your area.

Crop Finders

Travian Crop Finder -
Find occupied and unocuppied Croppers near your coordinates. Search for 9c,15c, or both. Specify Bonus oasis from 0% to %125.
You can even search for croppers that are owned by an alliance.

Travian Village Planner

This little tool will help you decide where to place your infrastructure. It is good practice to place all of your buildings in the same location, this way you will not be looking for needed buildings as you flip from village to village.

Village Planner 

Travian Village Planner

To check out a good village plan, hit THIS LINK

More Travian Tools

Building Tree - Tech. Tree
A complete and clear diagram of all buildings.

Travian Wiki 
An encyclopedia for Travian
World wonder crop tool that helps prevent starvation and granary overflows.