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The Basics

The Basics of planning a catapult attack: - Unofficial Travian Guide

How many catapults does it take: catapult damage chart

Catapult Guide to Sending Multiple Waved Attacks

How to legally, land multiple attacks at the same second. -by Black Paladin

Catapult Wave Splitting Guide

Catapult Wave Splitting Guide (micro-reining) - by Tolstoy
Your goal with this tactic is to “dodge” the clear and split it from the later waves, defending only against the later waves of catapults that come after the clear with little to no offensive escorts, thereby limiting the damage inflicted to structures and causing massive resource loss to your attacker. Catapults are expensive, wiping out hundreds of them by "dodging" a poorly timed "clear" is highly effective.

Target Guide: What to hit and when.

Nosim's WW Targeting Guide - is written specifically for speed servers, but most of what is said would apply to normal servers too.

Hammah Time

Barracks Town:
Where to build your hammer.

Where Should I Build my Hammer Army? - by C0unse1


The Beginners Guide to the End Game - by Falling Wall

A complete guide to endgame - by Travian Library